How is Immortality possible?

1) Bio-Medical means.  This is what comes first into mind when people talk about or think about Immortality. In the past it was believed that there could be a simple potion one could take or drink, and thus stop or reverse ageing. Today people talk less about achieving immortality (they don't want to be laughed at) and more about "life extension". It is thought that one could extend life through proper nutrition, excercise, with the help of certain chemical or biological agents, and through transplantations.    [ MORE ]

2) Bio-Medical transplantations. Today it is becoming possible to grow every human organ separately, It is possible to grow these organs with a neutral genetic pattern, acceptable, without rejection, to every human being.  It is conceivable that one could almost endlessly transplant one organ after another, as they age and and they need to be replaced.  That is all except perhaps brain, because brain is the center of thoughts, and in brain resides the "person" or the mind.   [ MORE ]

3) Biological brain rejuvenation. While brain can live for a very long time in a healthy body it is not immortal.  Daily thousands even hundreds of thousands brain cells die. It is conceivable that with the help of robotic microsurgery it would be possible to replace indivitual brain cells as they age or die. These dying brain cells would be replaced with compatible biological brain cells grown "in vitro".  It is conceivable that for the huge amount of microsurgery necessary for this we could use microscopic robots ("nano-robots") permanently floating around in blood and in other body liquids and repairing rebuilding all defect brain or body parts.   [ MORE ]

4) Other brain rejuvenation. Instead of replacing the dying neurons with biological replacements, one could replace them, one by one, with "immortal" non-biological (electronic?) neurons. These neuronic replacement could conceivably "live" for thousands of years before needing further replacement. Surgical methods of replacement could be similar to those described elsewhere.   [ MORE ]

5) Computer symbiosis. Towards the end of the 20th century, the man-computer symbiosis was becoming closer and closer. It started with simple personal computers as a simple extension of the human brain.   With the improvement of the personal computer and peripherals, this brain-computer integration was becoming closer and closer. Even though the personal computer is external to the human body, larger and larger part of the human mind (of the human self) has been moving into the personal computer.  It is conceivable that through even closer intergration between the human mind and its personal computer, after the physical death of the human body (and brain) the human mind could continue its existence and development within its personal computer.    [ MORE ]

7) Cryosleep, cryobiology, low temperature body preservation.  This in itself is not a method of achieving immortality, it is only a temporary measure, enabling us to preserve dying human beings until such time that their ailments could be cured, and all damage, including freezing damage, ageing damage and damage from their diseases could be reversed.     [ MORE ]

6) Other possibilities or combinations.  All of the above possibilities or combinations of the above possibilities could lead to the immortality of the human mind.  There are certainly also further possibilities than those described above, and we will investigate these other possibilities as well, and inform you as soon as we have enough hard data to publish.    [ MORE ]



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